Who We Are

Soxbox, Inc. is a professional audio, video, and lighting integration company located in North Dallas, Texas. We specialize in Houses of Worship and with over ten years of professional experience, we are confident that Soxbox, Inc. is not only the professional A/V/L company you need to use, we're the ones you'll want to use. Dedication to providing excellence in all that we do is who we are.


At Soxbox, Inc., we know what it takes to make your venue look and sound its best. We will take you through each step of the process, from system design, deciding which products best suit your needs, to installation and system maintenance.

Live Production

Church services, weddings, charity events, and comedy acts are just a few of the different production genres we can accommodate. To us, there is nothing worse than bad sound or distracting lighting. We take extensive measures to stay up-to-date on technological advances in the industry without losing respect for the industry's foundation.


Need gear? We can help. Soxbox, Inc. offers competitive pricing for professional audio, video, and lighting equipment. From adapters to bulk cables, IEM earpieces to line arrays, moving lights to LED video walls, we've got you covered.


With the emergence of start-up churches, outdoor classrooms, and food truck fairs, the need for mobile sound, video, and lighting systems has increased. We can help you choose a system that not only makes transportation easy, but also provides a superior experience for your audience.


Even if you already have your dream system in place, we are here to help. We offer diagnostic and analsys services to ensure your gear is performing a its optimal levels. We are happy to help your venue look and sound its best, even if you didn't buy the equipment from us.


The investment in your venue shouldn't end with the gear. Make sure your employees or volunteers know you're making an investment in them, too. Soxbox, Inc. offers in-depth training sessions for beginners, all the way up to advanced techniques and concepts. Your tech team will have the confidence and skills to make your production a success.

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